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Lesley Yates

Lesley Yates grew up in England, exposed to Chinese antiques, playing Mah Jong, and studying Chinese. When she moved to Hong Kong in the early 70's, she was often told she was more Chinese than they were. It was in Hong Kong that Lesley was first exposed to Feng Shui, and there the passion began, but in those days, there were no schools or masters willing to teach a foreigner. After moving to Los Angeles in late 1976, she started searching for more information, but it wasn't until the late 1980's that Feng Shui books started springing up everywhere.  Unfortunately, most were serving up fast food versions to suit a western population eager to latch onto the latest fad. Through many experiments, schools and books galore, she quickly learned that these popular versions of Feng Shui were ineffective and used trinkets and symbols such as crystals and wind chimes that did not fit into the western décor. During this time of study, she worked in the wholesale furniture business, on to the corporate world of retail, then as a supplier. In the 35 years, she amassed a vast experience in business.

Lesley with Master Larry SangIn 1997, Lesley discovered the American Feng Shui Institute, founded by Master Larry Sang. Master Sang opened the school to teach the "real deal" on Traditional Feng Shui, as he was so disgusted with the available books and the image of Feng Shui created for a Western, one size fits all appetite. Studying with Master Sang was an eye-opening experience, as her continuing Feng Shui education for the past several years has also been. She now feels fully capable to tackle any situation.

Lesley has now incorporated the technique of Spiritual Response Therapy to assist in channeling information about the building. This includes clearing and removing ghosts and other negative energies affecting the occupants. Through this system, her intense passion for Feng Shui is understood from the many past lives as a Feng Shui master.

Lesley's personal mission is to affect people's lives positively and create harmonious unions as far reaching as possible. She wants to change the "New Age" image of Feng Shui and dispel the skepticism and mystique surrounding this earth science phenomenon.

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