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From a Feng Shui perspective there is no such thing as a "perfect home" when searching for an existing house, however, working with an architect to build a new home for a client enables the Feng Shui consultant to tailor the home for an almost perfect match.

Considerations include:

  • Compatibility of the home with its owners. An East Group person will be happier in an East Group house (sitting E, SE, N or S).
  • Determine if the Lot can support a compatible house for the new owners.
  • Evaluate the Lot shape and location for any hidden dangers or inability to hold the Chi. Advice and remedies will be provided for any surrounding external factors.
  • Birthdates of all family members are required to determine best sleeping directions for health.
  • Determine the best of 24 compass sections and angle for the house based during the construction year.

There are four house types:

  • Best - Good for People/ Good for Money
  • Next Best - Good for People/Bad for Money (+ remedy)
  • Not So Good - Bad for People/Good for Money (+ remedy)
  • Worst - Bad for People/Bad for Money (+ remedies)

An outside remedy may be required and incorporated into the landscaping design. Specific location for the remedy and details will be provided. The outside remedy must be in place, if required for the home, for any internal remedies to be effective. During certain years the home may require water in the right direction to prevent locks on people or money.

In addition the house will have a nature: Be good for Career, money, love etc. or on the negative side cause lawsuits, divorce and illness. The nature is derived from ancient calculations and cycles gathered from the year of construction and exact degree that the house sits and draws in energy. This underlying characteristic of the house will always be lurking and internal remedies must be in place to avoid the negative.

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