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Business Teams

The first step is to correct the energy in the office building or where the team meets. Next, coordinating office teams to work well together or making sure that subordinates are supportive energies to their employers.

Sports Teams

Traditional Feng Shui, if used correctly, should be attuned to avoiding the negative and then directed to the positive. You can gain a competitive edge and boost business by keeping employees happy and healthy and therefore yielding a higher productivity. For buildings Feng Shui is a complex scientific calculation using compass directions, year and time of building and the present time are all taken into consideration, requiring natural remedies, based on the Five Elements for inside and outside the home or building. Similarly Feng Shui can be directly applied to people and how we relate with each other.

Your team can be assisted in several ways:

  • Pick the best team to play on certain days, avoiding their bad days. Every 12 days a person cycles on a bad day of negative energy. It is better to not play on this day to avoid mistakes, injuries etc. Also when selecting new players to join the team, choose one whose energy will blend with your existing team.
  • Home Analysis. Remedy the home against disaster, accidents, illness and family problems. A home analysis is recommended for all players and staff in management, coaches and as far down the ladder of your operations and support staff you wish to go and therefore build a dynamic team. All family members in the home should be analyzed to bring harmony and reduce family problems, which can cause worry and reduce focus on their goals and productivity.
  • Adjust sleeping directions to the player's advantage and avoid sleeping in negative areas of the home. The bedroom is where a person spends most of his time and it should be in a good productive space and healthy direction.
  • Office/Team Shops Analysis. Your business locations are important to remedy for anyone spending several hours there (and therefore affected by the energy of that space) and also enhance the business of that location.

It would be to your advantage to know which players on the opposing team will play well and who will not. As your consultant this list can be provided prior to each game to the manager.

My professional advice on the roster prior to each game will enable you to combine your expertise in the player's ability with their natural energy they are bringing to the court that day.

Seasonal contracts are available.

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