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At birth babies naturally move to sleep in their home direction, however, as parents we place the crib in the direction best suited to the room rather than their specific best sleeping direction for peace and harmony. Babies benefit greatly from sleeping in their home direction and in a section of the home to build their self esteem, and as they grow with more strength and security, understanding the best career choices for their trigram guides the teenager with self confidence and often times leads to a guaranteed success instead of confusion.

Any child under age 16 should not have their head on an outside perimeter wall as this will cause less attention on their school work and be up to mischief. The top of the head should be in one of their supportive directions on an internal wall, but never towards the center of the house.

A smoother Childhood leads to a clearer, brighter future without clinging onto negative energy.

Pets in the home are beneficial for moving stagnant energy, especially if the home is large with few occupants. 1,800 sq. feet per couple is considered to have the optimum energy movement.

Your Perfect Relationship

Through finding your trigram element, you will understand from the five elements which element will be your perfect match.

Finding the perfect relationship is often a challenge, and there is so much divorce. It is especially hard to find out that being married for many years that you are not compatible and it is not my intention to break up marriages. My goal is to help a relationship in the beginning to prevent a bad relationship and assist in finding the right match.

Finding a potential match is just the beginning in creating a good relationship. Other aspects and calculations of Chinese matchmaking include:

  • The Five Elements
  • East/West formula
  • Stems & Branches
  • Matching the birth hour
  • Four Pillars
  • The Three Unities
  • Oppositions
  • Injuries
  • The Five Unities
  • Productive/Domination Year Ming
  • NaYin Cycle of 60
  • The Self Punishments
  • Favorable Birthplace (pre-heaven directions) & current location (post-heaven directions)
  • Calculation of using a Happy Spirit Day

If most of these calculations for the analysis are favorable for the relationship and then they marry on a negative day then the couple will probably have a rough start. But, if the calculations are less favorable then using a good day and hour for the wedding will give them a better chance for success.

A child born in the right period in the missing element may also be a medicine for a relationship. Selecting a house sitting in the missing element direction will enhance the couples relationship. The remedy of medicine cannot last forever and the couple must continue to remedy a situation that is not perfect. Feng Shui can help with creating harmony, but cannot change your destiny.

Utilizing the technique of Spiritual Response Therapy to clear negative energy between a couple or family from past life relationships can help tremendously.

To learn more about this, go to the section on Spiritual Response Techniques.

To request a compatibility analysis, please complete this form and send for a consultation.

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