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Alphega Living Concepts Personal Directions Chart

Personal Directions Chart

Your Lifelong Personal Directions Chart

Based on your Feng Shui Solar element (not the well publicized lunar element found in most books), there is a host of information that can be derived for your well-being. This information is gathered from your birth date and researching the Yin or Yang of your soul.

Take control of your life and don't let your life control you, by using the energy surrounding us to support yourself. Your Personal Directions Chart will indicate for you:

  • Your energy group and what this means about how you relate with others
  • Your lucky number
  • Best career choices
  • Best active working directions, plus specific 15-degree directions best for developing talents and intellect.
  • Best sleeping direction for your health
  • Best colors to wear for optimum energy
  • Best color car for you to buy
  • Good and bad days to buy anything
  • Good money days - used for requesting orders if you are in sales, pushing the envelope
  • Your peak time of day to request anything.
  • Preferred food choices for your element.
  • Specific 15-degree directions for your "Best Prosperity Door" (i.e. brings money)
  • Your "Received Valued Friends Door" (i.e. brings helpful friends)
  • Avoid your "Big Consumer Door" (i.e. increases overspending)
  • Avoid sleeping or a house sitting in your "Lonely Pillow Direction" (i.e. brings no long-term relationship)
  • Avoid your "Injury Door" (i.e.constant injuries occur with a door in this 15-degree direction)

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