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Spiritual Response Techniques (SRT)Spiritual Response

Lesley Yates is also trained and certified by SR Association standards as a spiritual consultant and is continually studying the system for updates as our environment shifts.

SRT is a method of researching the subconscious mind and soul records to clear past lives and negative energies blocking our present existence.

The system was founded by Robert Detzler in 1988, more information at:

Using a pendulum and a special set of charts, channeling through a positive High Self connection can improve many areas of your life, such as:

Relationships: challenges with family members, colleagues, etc. from recurring past life experiences can be resolved and harmonized.

Allergies: sensitivity to certain foods, animals, mold etc. are all caused by past negative experiences creating a reaction.

Fears: can be overcome by clearing past experiences.

Health: by clearing the subconscious programs and soul records, allowing the person to do their own healing without the blocks of past life events.

A personal one-on-one consultation at the Health Within office can be arranged by appointment for $68 an hour, and includes your Feng Shui chart.




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