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Alphega Living Concepts Services & Rates

`Rates & Services At Health Within

Effective 8/1/09



                                                                        0-18 & OVER 55


Single 1 hr session  $55                                                     $50

3 sessions              $148 (save 10%)                                 $135 (save 10%)


Foot Focus Detox 55mins.                          

Single session         $44                                                     $40

5 sessions               $198 (save 10%)                               $180 (save 10%)

14 sessions             $542 (save 12%)                               $492 (save 12%)

Spiritual Response Technique 

(30 min. During Detox Session)      $20                            $15

Office visit per hour                       $68                            $55

 COMBO Detox/Reflexology         $90                           $80              


Feng Shui Services & Rates

Home or Business Property Analysis
Includes Lifelong Personal Directions Charts for Two family members living in the home.
Blueprints or floor plan drawings recommended.
$425, plus $50 for each additional person.

(Rate valid for Bellevue/Seattle region only)

Call to Request
Annual February Updates
Includes review of remedy changes and current information
$100 Call to Request
Referral Program
Refer a new client and receive a free annual update the following February after your Home or Business Property Analysis.
Personal Consultations
Bring your floor plan for an evaluation & Spiritual Response Therapy clearing.
$68 an hour at Health Within office in Redmond.
Call to Request
Lifelong Personal Directions Chart
Learn how you can effect positive change in your life by maximizing your use of strengthening personal directions, colors, etc.
$55 per person Order Form
Relationship Compatibility Analysis
Find the right match for you!
$85 per couple Order Form
Customized Relationships and Compatibility Workshop
Schedule a customized workshop for your group!
$45 per person, for a group of 10 or more
(Duration: 3 hours)
Call to Request
Date Selection
Make sure your plans have the best chance of success! Request a date selection for weddings, grand openings, moving, ground breaking, etc.
$60 Order Form

Wedding Form

Architectural Review / New Home Construction
Design the home to be compatible with those who will be living in it, by accommodating optimal sleeping and living directions, utilizing best prosperity doors, and avoiding consuming and injury doors.
$100 per hour
(Rate valid for Bellevue/Seattle region only)
Call to Request
Corporations / Team Building
Gain a competitive edge in business, by increasing productivity and reducing absences due to illness or accidents.
(Please call for custom quote) Call to Request

Payment due at time of service.  .35 cents mileage charge will be applied beyond the Bellevue/Seattle area. .40 cents per mile north of Everett or south of Renton.

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