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Alphega Living Concepts has been the subject of recent news articles, such as:

"Could Your Sleeping Direction Mean The Difference Between Success And Failure?" Read this article in the January 2008 New Spirit Journal newspaper.

"Introducing Alphega Living Concepts... Traditional Feng Shui is a complex scientific calculation rather than a metaphysical reading or intuition..." - Redmond Business, May 2005 (view full article)

"[Lesley] aims to bring health and happiness through positive energy redirection with on-site home and office consultations..." - Redmond Reporter, May/June 2005 (view full article)

The Redmond Reporter (May/June 2005) article provides an opportunity to examine how Feng Shui can help us understand certain interpersonal dynamics. As an example of domination, the reporter from this newspaper was a Soft Metal Trigram, and Metal dominates Wood.  Therefore, one feels that the article was critical and perhaps even poking fun. If the reporter had been a Fire personality, for instance, he would probably have been much more complimentary. In this case, though, the article was cutting, like the metal saw cutting the wood. The Soft Metal person is good at expressing himself or herself, is great at sales, and is talkative. They thus make good editors or teachers. However, a Soft Metal person may relate unkindly to a Soft Wood personality.

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