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Llama trough"I needed a trough for my llamas and with the strategic placement of this large water remedy it has opened up finances for my business. I was already sleeping in my perfect direction, which is probably one reason why I am always healthy and slim. We also added a large rock between an electrical transformer and the clinic for protection, as the earth element cancels out the negative fire from the electricity."
- Kathy Steeh, L.AC Acupuncturist and owner of Health Within, 8226 196th Ave NE Redmond, WA, 425-898-1191.

"We are living in a home that is good for people and good for money, and we needed a few remedies inside the home to balance energy for our health which is great. We did need water in the back of the house to prevent a lock on our finances projected for next year and as we were redoing the landscaping we incorporated a water feature in a certain location, as advised by Lesley, and we are enjoying it immensely especially because it will maintain our good fortune. Lesley has also helped with assuring us that the relationship for our daughter is compatible, together with selecting a good wedding date for their success is a big relief."
- Theresa Lieberman, executive at Nordstrom, Seattle, WA.

Water Feature"Having lived all over the world and been exposed to Feng Shui in the Orient, we appreciate that different problems may be ascribed to cycles of energy shifts and timing. Our home needed outside remedies to bring balance to the finances and family, which we installed with great result. We initially resisted changing the alignment of our bed as it compromised the room, but have now made this change to help with health issues."
- Val & James Simkins, hotel & spa owners, Woodinville, WA.

"Lesley has analyzed our home and offices and although some of the remedies are not possible due to our business constraints, our staff generally feel the difference. At home we removed red from certain areas stimulating negative energy and changed our sleeping direction for much better health."
- Bob Jenson, President, Sysco Foods, Seattle, WA.

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