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Considerations, Review & Recommendations

Further considerations include:

  • Information on supportive entrances for help, support and prosperity and avoid doors that will cause injury.
  • The kitchen and bathrooms will be placed in negative energy areas of the house so as to burn off or drain away this energy.
  • Positive energy sections will be utilized for bedrooms/office/living areas where the most time is spent. Based on the family needs (i.e. Number of bedrooms etc., how many levels and square footage) place the rooms within the floor plan, accounting for everyone's best sleeping directions and avoiding invisible grid lines. A square or rectangular floor plan gives the best energy flow in a home.
  • Day Selection to commence ground breaking is very important to ensure the safe and punctual building process. As well as moving dates when taking occupancy of the home is important for a smooth transition.
  • Colors for internal walls should be always neutral, red walls anywhere can be productive some years but very negative other years depending on the location.
  • A detailed chart will be provided as to the remedies needed inside the home upon moving in and preferably placed first. Even though the house is designed to suit the owner, remedies will still be needed to neutralize negative annual energies, and also changed each year as the cycle of energy changes at spring establishment on/around February 4.
  • The architect will be provided with a list of do's and don'ts for proper Feng Shui construction and design to prevent a rough life and better energy flow.
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Architectural Review

An architectural review will include all of the above information, to assist the owner and the architect in planning. It also includes:

  • Site evaluation
  • Family evaluation
  • Floor plan layout
  • Remedy calculations
  • Consultations with architect and family

A typical architectural consultation for the architect or client will include:

  • Initial meeting with architect or client to acquire basic room needs and all family member's birthdates.
  • A visit to the site for evaluation of best home direction and environment.
  • Complete layout of each bedroom location, plus door locations for all considerations.
  • Layout presentation with architect or client and discussion of all issues.

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