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How to Use the Five Elements

When implementing remedies, as directed by the Traditional Feng Shui consultant, using the Five Elements, use the following guidelines for placing remedies where suggested to bring harmony and balance:

Water Feature
  • Outside Remedies are the most important to change the nature of the building.
  • All remedies should be placed in these most important areas in this order:
    1. Outside mountain and water remedies should be placed first in the specific direction noted on the worksheet.
    2. Main entrance and all other entrances.
    3. Bedrooms of all occupants.
    4. Home office, main living area.
    5. Other rooms in order of most usage.
  • Place the required remedy in the far corner of the area, or when not a corner of the building then in the middle of the wall of that area.
  • Each element has a corresponding color associated with it, which is not as effective as the actual element, but in the case of the Fire element then the color Red is acceptable for safety reasons.
  • All elements used for a remedy must be pleasing to the eye and not stick out as a remedy, but blend into your décor.


  • The Wood Element is represented by strong, healthy large plants and trees.
  • The following color can be used as a substitute: Green (the darker the better for stronger energy).
  • Avoid Metal and Fire elements or colors in the same area as a Wood remedy.
  • Plants are also used to soften and conceal sharp corners and angles.

Note: Thick large Evergreen Trees outside the front of the house could also represent a mountain remedy.


  • The Fire Element can be represented by Red light bulbs and lampshades of a Fire color if they are on continuously (such as a nightlight with a red bulb). Electricity is considered a Fire element, so computers, stereos and televisions are effective when in use. Fireplaces and candles are only effective when lit.
  • The following colors can be used as a substitute: Purple, Red, Burgundy, Maroon, Mauve, Pink.
  • Avoid Water and Earth elements or colors in the same area as a Fire remedy.


  • The Earth Element is represented by rock, crystal, glass, marble or stone collections. Tall, clay earthenware sculptures placed on the ground also make excellent Earth remedies.
  • The following colors can be used as a substitute: Yellow, Brown, Tan and Beige.
  • Avoid Wood and Metal elements or colors in the same area as an Earth remedy.

A Red Earth remedy is using Fire and Earth together and this could be pottery made from deep red clay or painted with Fire colors.

Note about outdoor mountain remedies: It would be best to use 4 large boulders, 250 lbs each with one at least waist high when standing at your front door, as close to the building as possible without obstructing the entrance. Concrete statues, planters, etc. also serve well as remedies.

Stone Feature


  • The Metal Element can be represented by decorative metal ornaments, sculptures or wall hangings of pleasing appearance, approximately 10 - 20 lbs, however surface size is more important.
  • The following colors can be used as a substitute: White, Gold, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Silver.
  • Avoid Fire and Water elements or colors in the same area with a Metal remedy, unless otherwise advised.

A key wind clock with a pendulum and chime with moving metal gears is best used where a Heavy Moving Metal remedy is recommended.

Note: Metal windchimes should not be used inside and only in rare instances outside to protect the owners from damage caused by earth digging in certain directions


  • The Water Element can be represented by a fish tank (with or without fish) that uses a cascading filter, or indoor tabletop fountains made of metal to increase water energy. Water must be clean, uncovered and moving all the time.
  • Water is also used to cancel "metal sha" caused by sharp angles, by using a fish tank opposite the angle.
  • The following colors can be used as a substitute: Black, Blue.
  • Avoid Earth and Wood elements or colors in the same area with a Water remedy.

Note about outdoor water remedies: In/on ground (not on balconies), clean, uncovered swimming pools, hot tubs and fishponds with a continuous filter system are the best option. Next best is a galvanized metal stock tank with a submerged pump. The size and amount of Water will be determined by the size of the building.

Water Feature

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