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A complete analysis of your home or office will determine the necessary external and internal natural elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water to neutralize negative energy and enhance to the occupants' advantage. When the elements have been placed correctly, plus the occupants are utilizing the best areas of the home and sleeping in their best directions; dramatic improvements will be gained.

A Feng Shui remedy should blend with your décor and not be seen as a remedy. Crystals, mirrors, wind chimes and baguas and other superstitious symbols are not used for Traditional Feng Shui remedies so your home or office will never look "feng-shui-ed".

Note that implementing the outside remedies first will bring an overall change in energy of the building.

The Five Elements and examples of remedies:

  • Wood (art/drawings of plants)
  • Fire (art, red light bulb)
  • Earth (large ceramic pot)
  • Metal (key wind clock)
  • Water (metal water fountain) [I like the ones found at]

Once a particular remedy is recommended, it only works when put in place. Often the family doesn't own enough heavy metal remedies and every household needs one moving metal object, such as a key wind clock. A budget may be necessary to supply needed remedies to the homes/offices in a timely fashion to be effective. Results and benefits are immediate in most cases where the remedies are placed.

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