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Quick Tips for 2009

Here are a few tips everyone should incorporate into their homes that will make a difference to your peace and harmony.

  • During the year (from 2/4/09 to 2/3/10), the North section of every home has an annual energy that will cause havoc in our lives. To cancel this negativity, place heavy moving metal in this section, preferably a wind-up clock. (see metal remedies). Avoid placing plants or sleeping in this area.
  • Make sure you don't have any chipped or cracked mirrors or crockery in the SW section of your home to avoid obstacles in your life.
  • The West section of any home this year also has cautions and can cause sickness. A metal remedy of 10 -15 lb. weight is required to negate this sickness. (see more on metal remedies).

There is no standard answer for all homes, with a few exceptions that I am providing here. Also, the NE section inside and out should be always clean and uncluttered for the next 20 years. We entered a 20 year cycle in 2004, which will give us some more stability, although we will see a lot more younger leaders with less experience in business and politics, but less divorce as the last two metal cycles of 20 years (total 40 years) brought us. There should be no water outside in the NE section of our home; otherwise, there will be a draining on your resources rather than stimulating income.

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