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Feng Shui, Colors, and Fashion

Beware The Color of Fashion! Are you caught up in the fashion frenzy to wear the right style and color of the season?

You have read books on color therapy and how color in your general surroundings can affect your mood. How does yellow make you feel? Does it make you feel calm, in control, depressed, withdrawn or energized? The answer will depend upon the nature you were born with. There are many books that tell you to wear red for a power meeting, which is phenomenal for a Fire or Earth person but disastrous for a Metal person.

Discovering the best color theme for your wardrobe will limit the bad purchases you make on clothes, saving you money and allowing you to blend your wardrobe pieces more easily. A limited color theme simplifies your life, makes a personal statement and creates the first step towards your future harmony.

Based on the ancient eastern science of Five Element theory, there is a calculation made from the year you were born, producing our solar soul energy trigram belonging to one of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water. Certain colors are in harmony with each of these elements and these should be the predominant colors you should wear.

There is a simple formula to calculate your personal element, which differs between the male and female soul gender. Using February 4th as the year cut off, for example, a female born January 20, 1950 would use the year 1949 to base her calculation and arrive at the Fire element. (For those readers who have read books on Flying Star calculations, your result here will differ from your astrological element).

Five elements diagram using colors

Five Elements' Colors

In a productive cycle of the five elements: Wood feeds the Fire, Fire burns out and creates Earth, Earth produces Metal, Metal creates Water through condensation and Water gives life to Wood. Therefore, in addition to wearing the colors that belong to your own element, then also wearing the colors productive to your element will increase your energy and confidence. For example, our Fire person will do well to wear greens, the darker the better, which is represented by the Wood element.

The element ahead of you in a productive cycle will be your reducing element and these colors should be worn in limitation. The reductive cycle works as follows: Fire burns Wood, Wood draws Water, Water corrodes Metal, Metal is taken from the Earth, Earth smothers Fire. Wear these reducing colors if you feel the need to calm and relax yourself, winding down in the evening, or can be used most effectively on over-active children.

Wearing your colors in Domination with you should be avoided as much as possible. A color that dominates and worn regularly can cause depression and negative internal feelings. Wearing a color that your personal element dominates can release outward aggressive feelings. We are naturally attracted to our opposite color as this offers a feeling of control, sometimes necessary in different situations.

Request your Lifelong Personal Directions Chart to find out your personal element and color category.

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