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Yin & Yang

Feng Shui uses the principles of Yin and Yang with its deep meanings of balance, harmony, changes and interdependency of all things. Yin and Yang refers to all aspects of Feng Shui such as directions, opposites of sitting and facing, the flow of the five elements and seasonal cycles.

Yin and Yang

The Tai Chi symbol is often mistakenly drawn upside down and the true orientation, above, shows the Yang on the left representing heat rising (season changing to Summer) and reaching its peak at the top (South) and Yin on the right representing coolness or water falling (season changing to Winter) in the West reaching its maximum at the bottom (North). The Chinese Lopan is viewed opposite from a western compass. Within Yin there is a little Yang waiting to descend, represented by the black dot, and within Yang there is a little Yin waiting to rise.

Yin House Feng Shui is the study of burial sites and the direction the dead are placed. A negative burial site and direction will affect the lives of ancestors for up to three generations.

Yang House Feng Shui is the study of the relationship of people between heaven and earth in their living environment.

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