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European Reflexology





European Reflexology, also known as Foot Zone Therapy, is a very relaxing way to pamper oneself and relieve stress blocking energy and encourages the body to heal itself. 

This method follows the circulation of the blood and energy flow to restore proper function of the body. 

By accessing pressure points on the feet, a signal is sent to the organ, gland, system etc. that corresponds to that point on the foot. From there the signal travels to the spine, up the spine to the brain and the autonomic nerve system, to then transmit back the information needed to balance the organ being signaled. 

Treatment on the feet accesses every organ, gland and system of the body to promote a healthy internal balance. 

Other benefits include: 


Rates & Services 


Single 1 hour session $55

3 sessions               $148 (save 10%)

Special COMBO session Detox/Reflexology  $90

Discounts: Under 18/Over 55 Save an additional 10%


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